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Conducting a criminal records search as part of your background screening process can help you ensure your work environment is safe for your employees.

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CRIMINAL - County Civil Records

A county civil court records search reveals what county civil court actions an individual has been involved in up to the present time. The information provided will provide type of case, disposition, prevailing party, date and court. The report delivered is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. (FCRA compliant). The records are searched by hand at the 3300 county court houses.


Civil cases represent disagreements between two or more parties (e.g., corporations, governmental bodies, private citizens and other organizations) and ordinarily seek to recover a certain sum of money. These cases typically revolve around: property damage, personal injury, liability suits, tenant-landlord, employer-employee conflicts, restraining orders, sexual harassment, personal rights, contract disputes, evictions, workman's compensation.


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